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The Abs•Tract is not just about ripped abs, in fact that’s a very small part of it; its about a very important web of ideas, and the your success in abstracting entirely depends on your own will power, resolve, and commitment to higher learning.

With that said, I introduce The Abs•Tract: Core Philosophy, a FILM and a BOOK about the ultimate metaphysical workout program for unified mind-body core strength. You can get ripped abs, just by thinking it, but you need to learn how to think first. Bam! The reason it is difficult for many people to get ripped is because they lack core principles. The Abs•Tract demystifies other workout programs, and reveals how one can get a rock-hard six pack with no gimmicks or equipment. But wait, there’s more…

The Abs•Tract (book) uses heuristics and metaphors to enhance learning and exercise techniques. It is customizable and reflexive, continually adapting to your level of consciousness. Thus, it is literally the greatest metaphysical fitness system ever conceived. Healthy mind, healthy body. But wait, there’s more…

Are you beginning to understand? Feel free to laugh off your tension, as these rapid contractions of the core lay the foundation for sexy abstract abs.

Watch the whole series now!The Abs•Tract: Core Philosophy

Preface to the Core Philosophy • Abs: the Holy Grail of the fitness industry; the homoerotic fantasy of many bloated Westerners; and part of the core muscles of the human physique. Allow me to entreat you to the mysteries of the midsection with a sucker punch to the gut of this multi-billion-dollar market… [read on… the Core Philosophy]

The Abs•Tract is a one step program. One step, after the other. And by this measure we shall journey far… perhaps even come full circle. First… an inaugural blog post. I shall begin by revealing the simple Core Truth about abs…[read on… the Introduction to Abs•Traction blog post for the first film segment.]

Act I, Part I, Scene I: Introduction to Abstraction

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